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Layla | Book 4 Ian's Realm Saga EBOOK

Layla | Book 4 Ian's Realm Saga EBOOK

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Abbi and Elisa didn't mean to enter the Realm. It was all an accident, one which sent Ian and Elisa's brother Brad on a dangerous journey to find them.

Fighting a dragon can leave you exhausted, in pain, and vulnerable.

After a grueling struggle with Stenhjaert the dragon at the portal entrance, Ian manages to escape, collapse in the Realm, and as a bedraggled hero, continue his quest. He stumbles upon a beautiful woman in the woods while searching for Abbi and Elisa. In the condition he's in, it's little wonder that this stranger's campfire, her warm meal, and her gentle massage makes him lose touch with who he is, and why he had entered the Realm in the first place.

How was he to know the woman was a sorceress...or had a sinister agenda?

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Adult and young adult, violence, fantasy, clean.

Young girl and a magical shield from Layla and Ian's Realm Saga
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