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Fall of the Kings Book 2 EBOOK

Fall of the Kings Book 2 EBOOK

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Erika continues a rocky relationship with Arell as they travel over the Nisi Sea, still haunted by her mistakes. Arell, determined to secure Cho Nisi's allegiance with Erika's father, oversees the elders in their healing of Erika's brother. But crisis strikes the kingdom when Barte son of Moshere's army invades Prasa Potama, orchestrated by the demon Skotádi. One by one, the men she loves fall into peril, and Erika alone must make crucial decisions for the good of her people.


The Sword of Cho Nisi: Fall of the Kings is the sequel we deserve after the stellar first book. If you've been following the series since the beginning, you won't be disappointed, especially with an alluring dark element absent from book one. The series continues to  rise; it's time you rise with it. - IndieBook Review

Adult and young adult, violence, fantasy, mild romantic scenes.

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