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Sword of Cho Nisi Book 1 | Paperback

Sword of Cho Nisi Book 1 | Paperback

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Erika, the youngest daughter of a legendary king, aspires to be a warrior and follows her brother to war against the dark wizard. She accidentally kills a king during her first battle and that mistake costs the allegiance of an island whose magic her father's kingdom needs to win the war. When she attempts to right her wrongs, she instead falls in love with the island's heir. Arell, at first has no idea she killed his father but is thrust upon a throne he never wanted, pitted against an enemy he never asked for and once the truth is revealed, is forced to sentence the only woman he ever loved. Can the two forget their grievances in time to save their kingdoms?

 "A masterful painter of words, D.L. Gardner's brushstrokes of prose bring to life a compelling fantasy tale that demonstrates the power of forgiveness and redemption in the aftermath of tragedy." - award-winning author Stephen Zimmer of the Fires In Eden Series

Overall, Rise of the Tobian Princess is a nicely packaged fantasy adventure with a good secondary romance. There's never a dull moment in here; it's jam-packed with monumental events and action to look forward to. Princess Erika is one hero that readers are going to be thrilled to discover. - Independent Book Review

Adult and young adult, violence, some mild romantic scenes, fantasy.

Make sure you get all the books in the Cho Nisi series! You aren't going to want to miss them!

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