Audio Book Narrators.

I've personally selected each of the narrators for my stories, considering not just their abilities but their appeal and how their voices lend to my characters, settings and era. I am thrilled that I have been able to negotiate with these wonderful talented actors. I hope you enjoy their interpretations of my novels. Scroll down to see the audio books, learn about the fabulous narrators, and listen to a sample clip of each book

Where the Yellow Violets Grow

Narrated by Cheyenne Bizon
& Paul BreixoBugallo
Cheyenne Bizon is a Northeast Ohio native. Her first theatrical endeavor when she was a child of 5 hooked her firmly on the theatre, and her acting journey has led her through a wide variety of theatrical disciplines on stages all over Northeastern Ohio. An actor, singer, artist, narrator, and seasoned dabbler of all things creative, Cheyenne seeks to travel the world and sample the artistic flavors of as many cultures as possible as she pushes forward in her artistic career. She is currently based in Cleveland, Ohio.


Paul Breixo Bugallo was born in Miami, Florida, but raised in Seattle. This is where he discovered his passion for the performing arts. He attended Central Washington University where he earned his Bachelor's of Fine Arts degree in Theatrical Performance. Now residing in the proud city of Cleveland, Paul has just finished his Master’s of Fine Arts degree  in acting through the Case Western Reserve University/Cleveland Play House MFA Acting Program. While primarily a theatrical performer, Paul is now jumping head first into a plethora of artistic formats. When Paul is not on stage you can usually find him at a local bar drinking draft or around a table playing a board game.

Thread of a Spider 

 Narrated by Lee Brophy


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Thread of a Spider recently won AudioBook Reviewers Choice Award. Read the review!

"This tale spews action throughout based upon actual battles, actual Gaelic lore and actual places. It draws you into the loyal loving relationships that is all that warms the poor characters on the cold damp landscape. .... As for the Fae folk, they are as real as the humans and not a Tinkerbell among them. These Irish youth in the 1920's held tight their freedom as William Wallace once did just before 1300 for Scotland. "-Amazon Reviewer

Thread of a Spider is a beautiful, haunting tale. Set in the 1920s in Ireland, it mostly reads as a historical fiction yet there are these fantastical elements with the faeries and their magic. Tensions are high between the Irish and English as Ireland struggles to become completely autonomous from England. - AudioBook Reviewer.

An Unconventional Mr. Peadlebody

Narrated by Brad Wills

"Campy, fun, for some reason the writing and characterization remind me of The Confederacy of the Dunces...This is a fun, imaginative book. It's well written and well told. " -Ingram Sparks



Brad Wills narratorBrad Wills is an actor with almost 25 years of professional experience. He's played Broadway (ANNIE 20th Anniversary in 1997), National Tours (ANNIE – again, MAMMA MIA!, and THE WIZARD OF OZ), and lots of Regional and Stock, with appearances at Ford’s Theatre, DC, Goodspeed Opera House, Theatre-by-the-Sea, and Merry-Go-Round Playhouse.  Other endeavors include a stint with Pieces of 8 (an a capella jazz octet) with whom I recorded a CD entitled FALLING TOGETHER, a studio recording of the Grammy-nominated DESIRE UNDER THE ELMS (Best Opera Recording, 2004), NY Cabaret, etc.  



Narrated by Joel Austin

Joel Austin narratorJoel Austin first took the stage as a boy in Dickson, Tennessee. There, he enjoyed several performances in both theatre and film. After high school, Joel attended the University of Tennessee at Knoxville, where he continued to grow as a performer. Following graduation, Joel ventured to central Illinois where he began working with The Celebration Company at The Station Theatre. There, his dedication to acting took a firm hold. For the following two years, Joel dove head-first into a sea of theatrical and cinematic projects including writing, directing, producing, and of course acting. In mid-2014, Joel Austin relocated to New England and began work in New York City. Since that time he has not rested in furthering his study of the acting craft. In addition to constant training, he has performed and starred in several plays and films, ranging from classics penned by masters like Christopher Marlowe to original productions by the city’s up-and-coming dramatic innovators. 


Ian's Realm Saga

Narrated by Teresa Garcia

Teresa Garcia narrator of Ian's RealmTeresa Garcia, also known as Amehana Arashi, does website testing, narration, illustration as Teresa Amehana Garcia, and editing. She is a fantasy author and poet, sells handmade beaded bookmarks, and writes quest lines for the online text based RPG, Dragon Hearts. As Amehana she helps with sim administration for Trotsdale in Second Life, curates the library in the sim with a team of librarians offering various readings, and is one of the Dreamweavers for the Nisa/Ibexia/Dreaming Twilight role play group. She holds an A.S. in Psychology and B.A. in International Relations with intentions to go back and pursue a doctorate at some point in the future. She is also an Ordained Minister with a small interfaith ministry.

Often rather hermit-like, Teresa raises her two children in a mountain cabin by a creek close enough to town that her brother can take her to the E.R. if her body declares a violent mutiny and decides to reject some other strange part of itself. One of these is autistic and the other has dietary allergies and IBS. The household has in addition both service animals and companion animals.

Imagination is the flaming treasure that she views as one of the most important things to safeguard in children and rekindle in adults.


Narrated by Jeff Stillwell

Read more about Jeff here

Jeff Stillwell is a Pacific Northwest native, born and raised in a small town called Issaquah. A recording artist, an actor, a film director, a fantasizer,


He experienced his first taste of success when in 2007, his musical moniker Deer City achieved notoritey via, followed by multiple mentions in The Seattle Stranger and airplay on KEXP 90.3 FM. In 2008 Stillwell performed at the EMP Sound Off! competition alongside Hey Marseilles,  and ultimately produced 6 albums as Deer City.


In 2010 Stillwell relocated to Olympia, Wa to attend The Evergreen State College, where he immersed himself in film studies. He also took his first film acting job at this time, playing the central character in Lara Jean Gallagher's short film 'Stage II.' He would spend the next five years bringing his first feature-length screenplay to the screen- a neo-noir drama called 'HENRYK,' which would eventually be completed in 2015.

 While Stillwell was working to complete his directorial debut, he would continue to act in a handful of independent films and music videos, including Erin Dinsmore's 'The Life and Death of Julian Finn,' and Molly Preston's short film 'CARL,' which went on to win 'Best Short Film' at the Oregon Independent Film Festival. In 2014 he began specializing as a script supervisor in Portland, and has now worked on numerous feature films there. Stillwell would also return to creating music, forming a surf-pop band 'Get Mom' with college friends, who would eventually produce 2 albums and a west-coast tour together.

​Since then, Stillwell has been busy as ever- releasing a double-album of experimental pop music via called 'Neptunalia,' and also completing his first short film 'TOGOLAND-' a surrealist WW1 fairytale set in a mystical desert. Officially relocating to Portland in 2016, Stillwell continues to work both in front of, and behind the camera, as well as create his own brand of infectious pop music. He can be hired as an actor, production designer, script supervisor, assistant director, production assistant, and location scout/coordinator for film.