Collection: Ian's Realm Saga a 7 book series of portal fantasy adventure.

When Ian Wilson and his father create a game engine for their computer, they open up a portal to an alternate world filled with magic, sorcery, wizards, characters they created come to life, and a dragon. Their adventures are full of marvel, but are also perilous as they cross the boundaries of this world into the place they call the Realm.

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The Realm had been in existence long before Ian and his father tapped into it. Its many cultures were created by four exiled wizards during an ancient battle with sorceresses from an island called Taikus.

When a wizard's magic is stolen and a sorceress queen is deposed, the grueling hostilities of that ancient war come to a climax not only for the people of the Realm, but for Ian, his wife, his daughter, and his friends, in the conclusion of the saga.