Who is diendrial?

Who is diendrial?

If you ever did a search for my Wordpress blog, you'll learn that it shows up as being owned by someone with the name diendrial. This all happened when I joined the Council of Elrond.

Yes, my friends, I was an avid fan artist of Peter Jackson’s production of Lord of the Rings. I thought I might learn elvish but that didn’t last very long. Instead I painted pictures.



I had a great time at that site, talking all things Tolkien, showing my art, getting to know other lovers of Rivendale, the Shire and all. Those were fun times and I thought I’d move on to my blog and keep the name diendrial (sounds a little like Galadrial). As my fantasy life continued, I was offered a booth at the local Ren Faire in trade for doing a portrait of the owner.

From there I went to RingCon, and got me a booth. That’s where I met Bruce Hopkins, (he played Gamling, King Theodin’s aide after Hamlin died) and got a commission from Royd Tolkien’s agent to paint a picture for both him and Royd, for Royd’s birthday.



 By the way, both Royd and his agent's characters died at Osgiliath.


Such fun and blessed memories!

Anyway, that’s diendrial’s legacy. Sure miss RenFaire!




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