Taming the Grey Character

Taming the Grey Character

Taming the Gray Character.

I’ve always thought of Ivar, my main character in Diary of a Conjurer as my Anikan Skywalker, the lost soul who gets lured to the dark side. No one liked Anakin. (no one I talked to). Maybe that was because most people watched Star Wars as it came out starting with episode what was it, four?

Not me. I saw the first episode years ago and then I didn’t see any others until maybe five years ago. So when a friend gave me the whole series I started with episode 1.

And my heart went out to that cute little boy on Tatooine who wanted to save his mother. And when he says, “What’s going to happen to me?” I wanted to shoot a Jedi or two.

It’s a sad thing that a little boy has to grow up and become a monster, but that’s Hollywood for you.

I’m not sure if Ivar is going to travel the same route as Anikan Skywalker. I’ve become too fond of the character but he certainly needs readjusting of his attitude and mind frame. The problem is, the boy has had little training, and what love and encouragement he’s had, as he grows older he begins to realize he’s been lied to.

Read the book and you’ll see what I mean!

The story:

There’s an unstable young man racing across the Realm demanding he be told the truth about his past… 

…and a sorceress queen  who is just as anxious to help him locate the magical dagger as he is so that she can take it from him.

During his journey, he acquires more power than he understands, loses his heart to a young woman who knows the danger he’s become, and refutes a wizard who suspects the worse.

In Diary of a Conjurer, we go backwards in time to Ivar’s past to discover what makes him who he was (Daryl) before he came upon the name Ivar.

We get to see a glimpse of his rugged journey, and the part he’ll play in the final conclusion of the story, which will be launched this summer

I find it satisfying to finally develop this boy into what he becomes and how his future shapes the future of that alternate world known as the Realm.

Book 7, coming this fall, will tie all the Ian’s Realm books together. It’s exciting because I have an outline, and a vision but you know what they say…

"Plan ahead but don’t make plans!"

Catch up with all the books on Kickstarter.

The final celebration of the saga’s 10th anniversary will be the conclusion of the story! How will it all end? Follow along and let's find out!

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