Children trying to look for an appropriate book.

My Thoughts on the Big Retail Machines

The Big Retail Machines

Yes. That's what they are. Machines. They're so run by bots now that they've crossed wires and confused even the most organized of authors. I wonder if there are any humans working them at all.

Book selling retailers in particular.

They ask you if your book is appropriate for children. What do you mean? Is there violence? Is it steamy? Is it adult humor? Is there war? If I say no, will my WWII book be shuffled into, and be lost, in the erotica category? If I say yes, will it go alongside puppets and puppy dog stories?

I had the same issue with YouTube a year or so ago when they changed their policies. If my video had a child in it, I had to report it as a children's video. Would it be placed with the children's sing-along with flying purple dragons or the green talking toad?

But the story isn't about little kids even though there was a 10-year-old boy in the film. Doesn't matter. They had me so confused I took all of my Ian's Realm videos off of YouTube for fear of getting arrested or fined some enormous amount of money thus sentencing me to the soup kitchens and homeless shelters.

And do you wonder why authors are creating their own sites to sell their books?

Wonder no more. I will rate my stories on my pages appropriately as of today, so you, as a reader don't have to guess, nor do you have to scroll through countless covers of bare-chested men looking for Where the Yellow Violets Grow.

Enjoy scrolling!



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