Meet Ivar

Meet Ivar

Meet Ivar. He was my Anikan (Star Wars).

When I first started writing Ivar I had just watched episode 4 of Star Wars and I was heart broken for what the Jedi did to that poor little boy. So I had to fashion my anti hero as an Anikan in my story and perhaps shape his future differently. Rather than making him a ruthless stereo-type villain, Ivar has human qualities that melt our hearts.

He had a hard childhood, orphaned at a young age. Raised by scoundrels and pirates, he struggled just to stay alive. Used as a pawn in many circumstances, Ivar was stopped by a golden arrow that changed him in his youth, but only for a time.

Ivar as a child in the real world, left as an orphan he struggled to stay alive often resorting to robbery and deception.


In his adolescence, Ivar insisted on pursuing the traditional coming of age quest of the Kaemperns. As he did, he discovered the wickedness of his childhood, and blinded by a magical dagger he once used, fell into its influence and the spell of the wicked queen.

Ivar as a teen seeking the truth of his past.


But the crucial turning point of his life came when he stole the magic that belonged to the wizard Silvio and used it to crown himself king of the island of sorceresses. From inside-out this stolen magic acted as poison. Though his innocence still struggled to rise within him, the uncontrollable power of magic overwhelmed him. It did not help that the only woman he loved and depended on rejected him.

Ivar as king of Taikus.


Follow Ivar's story in the Ian's Realm Saga throughout all the books. Also known as Daryl when he was a little boy.


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