Four Wizards | the Patriarchs of the Realm

Four Wizards | the Patriarchs of the Realm

Who are the Four Wizards?

In the mystical land of Ian's Realm, four powerful wizards have emerged to shape the destiny of the realm. These wizards possess extraordinary abilities and are revered as the guardians of magic and wisdom. Let's delve into the fascinating world of these enchanting beings and discover how they have transformed the realm.

Wizard of the North Wind: Kaempie

Kaempie risked everything, surrendering his powers to the fierce north wind, so that the outcasts of the forest could be led by the unwavering path of truth!

Wizard of the Dragon: Meneka

Meneka, worshiped by the inhabitants of the coastal region of the mainland, used his powers to instruct the people in yurt building and when they were attacked by the wicked sorceress, created a dragon, the only creature that could win a battle against her serpents. In his pride, Meneka fell and before he died, he released his powers to the wild which became the haunting of the dragon's lair.

Wizard of the Woods: Silvio

Silvio the Wizard of the Woods, possesses a deep connection with the land and all its living creatures. Silvio became the keeper of the little people, the Xylonites. HIs  mother gave him the power to disguise himself in his surroundings.

Wizard of Love and Freedom: Reuben

Reuben, the Wizard of love and freedom risked his life to return to the island of Taikus for his true love, the mother of Abbott.

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