Discover Mystery and Magic in the San Juan Islands...

Discover Mystery and Magic in the San Juan Islands...

I just love sharing stories that my friends write. Lorri is such a sweet and encouraging person. If you've followed Lavender Lass on Facebook or Substack, you'll know how generous Lorri is with her work. She's always giving away an excerpt or an entire book away. Needless to say, though she hopes those who loves her novels will also continue reading and purchase her books.No one can afford to write for free forever. So might I introduce to you one of her most popular stories.

The Magic of Burrows Bay, a series which will be offered in beautiful hardcovers on Kickstarter.

Mysterious, with a touch of romance, a touch of fantasy...The Magic of Burrows Bay is a three book series you're going to want to sink your teeth into.
With 288 global ratings, you're going to love this serialized story about family and friendships and a touch of magic.

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