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Ian's Realm Saga

When Ian and his dad discover a portal to a fantasy realm... 

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Sword of Cho Nisi

With one fleeting mistake her dreams were lost. Now she must fight... 

The Books of Sword of Cho Nisi

With one fleeting mistake her dreams were lost. Now she must fight to win them back.

Who am I?

I'm an award winning artist, author and screenwriter who spends a lot of time in a fantasy world, writing, painting, and creating artistic what-nots to post everywhere I can.

I've dabbled in film-making. Local indie filmmakers and I have created a few short adaptions of my books. In this photo you see me at rehearsal at my fencing club while we were preparing the duel for Cassandra's Castle.

I'm a lover of the classics, both visual and literary. Prone to pick up a paperback over a digital copy. I believe a story should be good enough to hand down from one generation to the next.

  • Film Projects

    Two adaptions of my books were filmed and won numerous awards. Read about them on Film Freeway

    Film Projects 
  • Audio book available here.


    A few of my screenplays and audio books have also won awards. The audio books can be purchased here.

    Audio Books 
  • Fine Arts

    Come learn a little more about my oil paintings. I'm posting some Work in Progress images as well.

    Fine Arts 
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